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Should I Fix My Car Before Trading In?

Car Mechanic Going Over Checklist


If you’re to upgrade your commute with a new vehicle, you’re likely wondering, “Should I fix my car before trading it in?” As with many factors in the car buying and selling process, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question. However, minor fixes like repairing scratches, touching up the paint, and making sure your vehicle is cleaned are quick ways to increase your model’s value at dealerships near Rye. On the other hand, larger repairs may not earn you the return that you’re after! Our team at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich has the insight you need when trading in your vehicle.



Fix My Car Before Trade: Avoid Fixing Major Repairs

While you may be tempted to finally schedule that repair you’ve been holding off on, it may be better to leave those major repairs alone. It’s a good idea to avoid major repairs for the following reasons:

  • The more you spend on those larger repairs, the less you’re actually getting from your trade-in value.
  • Since the dealership has the expertise and access to tools and parts, they can easily fix major issues at a lower cost than you’ll spend out of pocket. This allows dealerships to gain a profit from buying and reselling used cars.
  • Some dealerships may not perform a detailed inspection when you’re trading in your used car. That means the major repairs may not be deducted from your trade-in price.

Fix My Car Before Trade: Repairs You Can Fix

Now that you know why it’s a good idea to leave larger repairs to the dealership, there are smaller actions you can take to make your vehicle presentable or increase your trade-in value.

Here are some tasks you can take on to improve your vehicle’s value before you drive it in from Stamford or New Canaan:

  • Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning: Empty any garbage, clear out personal items, and clean the windows & carpets
  • Get a car wash: Whether you prefer to clean your car by hand or take it to a professional, make sure any marks or stains are removed.
  • Fix any scratches: Some minor scratches can be fixed with DIY care or other scratch solutions.
  • Wax your car: Give your car a shiny finish after you wash your car.
  • Check headlamps: Give your car a walk around to ensure all your lights are working, and replace them as needed.
  • Check the fluids: Make sure the brake, transmission, oil, radiator, and windshield-washer fluids are topped off to further show the dealership you’ve kept up with routine maintenance.

These small repairs can go a long way in establishing a good first impression at the dealership if they perform a cursory or deeper check. You should also consider your skill level when attempting DIY repairs as it can lead to more damage and a lower trade-in value.

How Else Can I Fix My Car Before a Trade?

Fixing your vehicle before trading it in isn’t always the best idea, but doing so can help you show the dealership that it’s been properly maintained. Before heading to the dealership, you can also prepare for a trade by:

  • Compiling complete or your most recent maintenance records.
  • Having the accessories that came with the car on you when it’s time to trade. That includes the mats, keys, and winter tires.

Trade-In Your Vehicle with Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich Today!

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich if you’re still wondering, “Should I fix my car before trading it in?” Once you’ve prepared your vehicle for trade, find your estimated vehicle value using our handy trade-in valuation tool. If you’re looking for a vehicle backed by a Mercedes-Benz inspection, be sure to browse our inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles.


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