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What is a CVT?

Silver Mercedes-Benz Overlooking Mountain

What is a CVT? Transmission designs all compete with one another to provide the most efficient, enjoyable drive, and continuously variable transmissions attempt to combine the fuel economy of manual gearboxes with the ease-of-use offered by automatic setups. Simply put, a continuously variable transmission is a transmission which dispenses with fixed gears entirely and ‘shifts’ automatically with a singular, variable pulley system. You won’t find any continuously variable transmissions in the contemporary Mercedes-Benz lineup, but we think you’ll agree that our dual-clutch transmissions are a superior alternative. Read on to explore the features that distinguish CVTs from other transmissions and learn a little bit about the modern DCT.

What is a CVT Designed to Do?

A traditional or manual transmission uses a gearbox with fixed ratios and a clutch, which momentarily cuts off power to the drivetrain so you can shift gears without damaging them in the process. An automatic transmission keeps the fixed gear ratios, but takes you through the motions automatically. Most automatic transmissions will waste a small amount of power–resulting in slightly lower efficiency metrics–during the shifting process. Continuously variable transmissions were invented in order to rectify this disparity. After all, many drivers prefer automatic transmissions because they’re easier to use and harder to damage. In order to combine efficiency and automation, the CVT employs an entirely unique design:

  • Two cone-shaped pulleys are connected by an intervening belt or chain. Instead of several fixed gear ratios, this system offers all of the ratios made possible moving the two pulleys farther apart or closer together. This is the source of its “continuous variability.”
  • By dispensing with fixed gear ratios, the CVT is a transmission that can find the best gear ratio for any given moment–without wasting power. That’s why it’s often found in small cars and SUVs that need to be highly competitive in terms of efficiency.

CVTs vs. Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Some Rye and Stamford drivers like continuously variable transmissions because of their simplicity. However, if performance is an important factor in your decisions, you’ll absolutely prefer the dual-clutch transmission to the continuously variable transmission. Some of the most efficient models in our lineup, including the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the Mercedes-Benz GLB, use dual-clutch transmissions. Here’s how they work:

  • A DCT uses fixed gears, and in its most modern instantiations, it can even switch between them automatically.
  • A DCT resembles two manual transmissions and two separate clutches joined within a single gearbox.
  • The inclusion of two clutches allows the next gear to ready itself before the system shifts. The result is a more efficient performance and a smooth, seamless transition that traditional automatic and manual transmissions just can’t match.

While CVTs and modern, automated DCTs are comparable in terms of efficiency, no CVT can offer a drive as engaging as that offered by options like the 8G-DCT® from Mercedes-Benz. Most models even offer a manual drive mode, so you can take control when the mood strikes.

Adventure Awaits at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich

If you’re ready to see what differentiates our vehicles from the rest, don’t wait to test drive a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a DCT. Unlike the CVT, transmissions like the DCT put you in control. Shop our virtual showroom or contact us to learn more about your options from your home or office in Greenwich or New Canaan.

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