Why Should You Choose an Electric Vehicle?

Just about everyone would prefer to reduce their consumption of gasoline, but eliminating your trips to the pump is just one of many reasons to choose an electric vehicle. So, why should you choose an EV? Whether it’s the SmartCharge rewards available in New York or the performance of a Mercedes-EQ, there are plenty of advantages to enjoy with an electric vehicle. Learn about the benefits of EVs and New York EV incentives today with our team at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich!



What Are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

If you’re considering making the switch to an EV, you’ll be happy to hear that electric vehicle technology has come a long way so you won’t have to change your Rye lifestyle much if you decide to make the switch. Owning an electric vehicle is easier than you might expect and they come with plenty of advantages.

Whether it’s the New York EV incentives or the federal tax credits, there are many perks of making the switch to an EV that could upgrade your Stamford adventures. Learn all about the benefits of an electric vehicle below:

  • Zero Emissions: Most electric vehicles don’t produce any exhaust at all! Like the battery in your phone or your laptop, the battery in your EV simply powers up as you charge and powers down as you drive through New Canaan.
  • Renewable Energy: There are many environmental benefits of electric cars. In addition to providing zero tailpipe emissions, you’ll find that EVs can often charge up from charging stations that use renewable resources like solar energy, wind, and water.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Tired of oil changes? Although you still need to change the oil in a hybrid, fully electric vehicles do not use engine oil at all. Reduced maintenance costs and fewer service visits are two benefits of electric vehicles that might tempt even the most hardened internal combustion enthusiasts.
  • Quieter Drive: Anybody who has ever lived by a busy street can tell you that gasoline engines make a lot of noise. Some drivers love it, but most of us could do without it, and electric powertrains deliver a serene, nearly-silent ride.
  • Performance: By now, you’ve surely heard that electric vehicles can generate massive quantities of power and take you from 0 to 60 in record time. That’s another way of saying that driving an EV is anything but a compromise.
  • Incentives: Whether it’s the New York EV plan with SmartCharge rewards or its the federal incentives available, opting for an EV may come with additional savings on top of the savings you already get to enjoy by not having to fill up at a gas station. Be sure to check with our team for more information on federal incentives and SmartCharge New York.

Each of these points applies to electric vehicles in general, but we can’t let the moment pass without directing your attention to Mercedes-EQ. Mercedes-EQ is here to provide you with sublimely luxurious all-electric vehicles that deliver all of the standard advantages of electric cars, and then some. Learn more about Mercedes-EQ models today with our team!

New York EV Plan – SmartCharge New York

If you’re near our dealership and you’re considering an electric vehicle, you may have heard about the New York EV plan for EV owners that want to charge their vehicles. One of the main New York EV incentives is SmartCharge rewards. SmartCharge New York is designed to help you earn rewards when you charge your vehicle at specific times on certain chargers. SmartCharge New York is easy to sign up for and most EVs are eligible. Here’s how SmartCharge works:

  • Data is collected on your vehicle and information is shown via the SmartCharge dashboard.
  • Charge in New York City & Westchester to determine your SmartCharge rewards.
  • You’ll be able to view your SmartCharge dashboard to look at information that includes emergency consumption, monthly earnings, and more.
  • You’ll be paid out monthly for the rewards you earn as you charge your EV.

Learn More About Electric Cars Today at Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich!

If you’d like to learn more about owning an electric vehicle, all you need to do is ask! We’d be happy to walk you through your at-home charging options, show you the best places to charge up around Greenwich, or help you learn more about the latest Mercedes-EQ models. Contact us today to get started.


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